We use a therapy called Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt)

Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy is a specialised form of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), based on the principle that we “construct” our own reality.

An NLPt psychotherapist works on the basis that we each build our own unique “model” or “map” of the world around us and, although such maps are genuine and real to us as individuals, no one’s “map” is fully able to represent the “real world”. Most elements of our “maps of the world” are useful and work well for us, but some of our beliefs and behaviour patterns get in the way of our own progress and can make us feel “stuck” or out of control.

With NLPt, you can explore how you think in ways that are perhaps new, constructive and useful, you may model effective behaviours and find successful strategies, and then apply these to improve your own life.

Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy draws on concepts from many areas of psychology and psychotherapy. It helps us to understand how and why we do what we do, and how to change those unhelpful behaviours and thinking patterns. NLPt also helps us to develop a greater sense of self-control, recognise our own best qualities, and use them well.

A typical session will last about 1 hour. You may be asked to carry out some small tasks at home between sessions, for example: keep a journal or logbook, read an article, watch a movie, practise a certain technique, listen to a CD, or experiment with a new behaviour. All of that said, when we deal with traumatic experiences you will not be asked to re-live your experience in detail. We also adhere to the ethical guidelines of the UKCP and BACP and as such all of our therapists attend regular supervision sessions and their own therapy sessions.